Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick update

Wow here we are almost to the middle of May. Life continues to be very busy for us. Zachary is very busy with baseball. His team is doing well. I love watching him play but I hate the weather. It seems like every game he has it rains or it is very cold. So goes life in the Northwest.Sean has started drivers training and is liking it for the most part. He is still dating the same young lady and they are both excited because tomorrow is their anniversary. I am not sure how long but they seem to be doing well. Sean blessed the Sacrament this past Sunday and did a wonderful job. Austin continues to work hard on his driving. He has really enjoyed his shop class at achoo and has made 4 tile boards that are so lovely.Bryan is liking being 12. Today he got to go to the YMCA for a teen strength training class. This class teaches them how to use the equipment properly and sets up a good program for them. Brandon is enjoying being in the 11 year old scout program. He and Jay went on their first camp out recently and had a blast. Jay continues to work hard and go to school.I continue to be very busy helping my parents and taking care of my family. My dad has fallen into a very deep depression. We saw a new who is a member of the church and he will watch dads meds much better and change meds that need to be changed. Thank you all for your love and prayers. We really appreciate it!!!


Sandra said...

Wow your really busy. I don't want to know what craziness will be going on when my kids are teenagers. I hope your Dad is getting better. I know my Dad after his stoke he started getting sick a lot more. He started getting depressed. It's hard to see him like that. He was never down when I was growing up.

Dynamic duo said...

Wow, so much going on. Love that part of life, full of adventure.